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Mother's Day Gift Coupons-YumEarth

Mother's Day gift coupons

Looking for DIY gift ideas for Mother's Day? She’ll love these sweet coupons. Make this gift sweeter with the addition of organic pops. Download here!
DIY Valentine's Day Mailboxes-YumEarth

DIY Valentine's Day mailboxes

Check out our DIY Valentine’s Day Mailboxes. Then, include some YumEarth gluten free Valentines candy, the perfect classroom treat because it's allergy friendly.
Potty Training Lessons I’ve Learned-YumEarth

Potty Training Tips for Parents

Potty training lessons I’ve learned? Give in to bribery – Quick! YumEarth organic snacks are made for kids (and their patient parents). See more potty training tips.
Why is it important to eat organic?-YumEarth

Why is it Important to Eat Organic?

Organic snacks aren't hard to come by when you shop smart. YumEarth is an organic candy company with simple snacks. See why choosing organic food is important.
Simple Summer Popsicles-YumEarth

Lemonade Gummy Bear Popsicles Recipe

Cool down with yummy gummy bear lemonade popsicles made with actual gummy bears. Follow our popsicle recipe for this delicious summer-time, gluten free snack.
Home Made Pop-Ties for Father’s Day-YumEarth

Home made pop-ties for Father’s Day

Did you know that dressing up our organic lollipops can make the perfect Father's Day DIY gift? Just print our pop-ties template and follow these 4 simple steps.
After School Checklist Template-YumEarth

After school checklist template

Looking for after school tips for the kids? Print out our after school checklist, gather better-for-you organic snacks like YumEarth fruit snacks, and enjoy!