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Why is it Important to Eat Organic?

As Americans become more aware about what they put into their bodies, the USDA Organic certification is making increased appearances, and more people are wanting to eat organic. But what does this certification actually mean and why is it important to eat organic? We teamed up with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Adrienne Inger RDN, LDN, to help answer.

The official USDA Organic certification means that a product’s ingredients are at least 95% organic. The organic seal signifies that the ingredients aren't grown or prepared using synthetic fertilizers, sewage, sludge, irradiation, or genetic engineering—and that the farming practices used help to promote the preservation of biodiversity. When you decide to eat organic, you're making an informed decision about what you choose to feed yourself and your family. You're also supporting companies that work hard to achieve the USDA Organic certification in their dedication to bring you quality products. 

Our candy-making process begins with harvesting organic cane sugar, so you can be confident the candy you and your family are enjoying is packed with ingredients you can pronounce. Our organic cane sugar is also vegan, because bone char is not involved in its processing, which we think makes our candy even sweeter. 

In this day and age, where everyone is trying to achieve the organic gold standard, it’s important to understand all kinds of food can be organic ranging from fruits and veggies to candy and snacks so finding balance within your diet is best. However, when you do want a treat, choosing an organic option gives you more control over what you’re putting into your body and more knowledge about how that food was made. 

Adrienne recommends that while it’s important to make nutritious choices when it comes to diet, it’s also important to not restrict yourself from any one food. “While it’s great to eat organic, not every food is going to be nutritionally perfect and that’s ok! Part of really mastering healthful eating is understanding we eat not only for nourishment but also for enjoyment,” she says.