Take Your Easter Table Spread to the Next Level with these Easy Bunny Napkins-YumEarth

Take your Easter napkin folding to the next level with these DIY bunny napkins

What you’ll need:


  1. Fill an egg with Organic Sour Beans
  2. Unfold White Napkin
  3. Refold Napkin in Quarters Length Wise
  4. Fold all 4 Corners in 45 Degrees
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 with Colorful Napkin
  6. Stack Colorful Napkin Over White Napkin
  7. Fold Both Napkins in Quarters Length Wise
  8. Fold in Half Length Wise
  9. Place Egg in the Center and Fold Ends Up
  10. Wrap with Twine & Tie with a Bow
  11. Place in a Cup and Fluff the Ears!