What’s Your SweetScope?

What’s Your SweetScope?

You may be surprised to find out what your astrological sign says about your sweet of the month

At YumEarth, every month is candy month. Officially, we’re celebrating National Candy Month (June) with our first ever SweetScopes — a bit of astrological fun to make the sweetest month of the year even more adventurous and delicious. 

Choosing between your favorite allergy-friendly lollipops, sour beans or gummy bears is never an easy decision. We’ve found, when there are simply too many fun, flavoricious treats to pick from, it’s best to let the stars decide. And when all the options are allergy-friendly and free of artificial dyes and high fructose corn syrup, everyone can enjoy a big sweet smile, whatever their sign.  

Aquarius: Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks

The tropical twist on a classic favorite is perfect for the sometimes shy, sometimes eccentric Aquarius. Simple, real ingredients make these organic tropical fruit snacks the perfect solution to every sweet tooth craving. Create your own tropical paradise wherever you are. 

Pisces: Gummy Bears

Nothing brings people together like a shareable pack of gluten-free gummy bears. Snack packs are perfect for sharing with friends (old and new). And they’re individually packaged so everyone gets their own. Who can resist these bouncy, fruity bites of taste bud bear hugs

Aries: Hot Chili Mango Lollipops

A fiery treat for the fiercest sign of the Zodiac. But we know you’re not all competition and unbridled energy, so the sweet mango in this unique hot candy treat matches the mellow of your softer side, even though you don’t always show it. Like a true Aries, you are the spicy side of sweet.

Taurus: Roll’n Stones

Stable and strong-willed, some might say stubborn, you find your path and stick to it. And when it comes to sweets, the indulgence you’re looking for is crunchy, chocolatey and a treat for your tactile sensibility. Taurus can always feel well-grounded with some vegan chocolate Roll’n Stones in your pocket. 

Gemini: Organic Fruity & Sour Giggles

Gemini, your fun and sociable nature are a perfect match for new organic Giggles Chewy Candy Bites. And just like two different personalities in one, we couldn’t recommend just one flavor, so you get two individual candies for twice the smiles. So enjoy the twin tastiness of fruity Giggles mixed with a powerful pucker of sour Giggles — the perfect combo for fun-loving curious treaters.

Cancer: Organic Sour Twists

The watermelon lemonade flavor of YumEarth Organic Sour Twists connects with your sense of home and the sentimental feelings of your best summer vacations. Ever the loyal Cancer, the sour candy aligns with your guarded emotions, but the sugary sweetness is always irresistible. 

Leo: Gluten-free Gummy Worms

Leo is the king of candy, always ready to take a big delicious bite out of any challenge in front of you. Creative and a natural-born leader, you keep everyone hooked on your self-confidence like everyone gets hooked on the deliciously squiggly, scrumptiousness of YumEarth Gummy Worms. 

Virgo: Licorice 

Virgo, your attention to detail and careful nature may seem like cautiousness to some, but we know you’ve got a sense of wonder that relishes all of life’s experiences. The uniquely delicious flavor of our licorice is the type of mysterious indulgence you were born to enjoy. 

Libra: Organic Vitamin C Antioxidant Fruit Drops

Libras enjoy the best of both worlds, and with Organic Vitamin C Antioxidant Fruit Drops, you get sensible vitamins and good stuff balanced by fruit flavors in one scrumptious vitamin c candy treat. Who says balance has to be boring? Not us, never. 

Scorpio: Organic Sour Bean

The flavor shock of YumEarth poppable sour organic jelly beans give Scorpiros the assertive kick of flavor they love. Not a reflection of your personality, it’s a jolt of intense flavor that stirs up the passionate inspiration Scorpios are dying to express. Sour on, Scorpio!

Sagittarius: Cheeky Lemon Hard Candies

What could go better with your sweet sense of humor than our cheekiest lemon candy? Wrapped and ready for anything, these tart citrus delights are packed and travel-ready for your next adventure. Afterall, the simple pleasures give life its biggest meaning.  

Capricorn: Original Organic Lollipops

Even a master of self-control like Capricorn can indulge a little deliciousness, with some traditional restraint, of course. Our original organic suckers are a perfect complement to your sense of responsibility. Allergy-friendly and made with real organic ingredients, these treats are always at the top of your well-planned out shopping list.

Here’s to another flavorific National Candy Month. Remember, the stars always align for delicious, allergy-friendly sweets and organic treats every day of the year. Feel free to explore and enjoy