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Organic Cheeky Lemon Hard Candies

Lemon Organic Hard Candy Lemon Organic Hard Candy


Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors (Lemon Oils), Turmeric (Color).

*Allergen is not included in the product

Frequently Asked, Honestly Answered.

Which of your Hard Candies contain turmeric?

Cheeky Lemon, Mango Tango and Roadside Root Beer contain turmeric.

Do any of your Hard Candies contain caramel?

Yes, Root Beer contains organic caramel for coloring.

Why are there dark spots in my hard candy?

Dark spots on the candy are harmless burnt particles we sometimes see in our organic rice syrup. Our candy is not bleached so sometimes you might see these dark spots.

Is the peppermint oil in your peppermint Hard Candies organic?

The peppermint oil is not organic but it is naturally derived

Which of your products do not contain strawberry?

Pomegranate Licorice, Peach Licorice, Tropical Fruit Snacks and Sour Beans do not contain strawberry as an ingredient and do not contain strawberry juices as flavor or color.  The Lollipops and Hard Candy also do not contain strawberry or strawberry juice, with the exception of the strawberry flavored products. For the Strawberry Flavored Lollipops and Hard Candy, we use strawberry extract to flavor and color the product.

What is in your natural flavors?

Our flavors contain the fruit extract of that flavor among other fruit extracts to make up our delicious flavors. For example, a strawberry lollipop will have strawberry extract.

How do you color your products?

We color our products with fruit and vegetable juices – there is no food dye in our products.

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By Asher W., February 17, 2017

“I just wanted to thank you for making incredible candies. I've been enjoying your lollipops and hard candies ever since I discovered them. – Asher W.”