4 Simple Changes for Better Days This Fall-YumEarth

4 Simple Lifestyle Changes for a Better Fall

Happy Autumn! Leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and pumpkin spice is encroaching on our coffees, bread, and treats. The kids are back to class by now (we put together allergy friendly snack ideas if you missed it) and your days are finally starting to feel a little more scheduled again. And that schedule might be…. Hectic? Mayhem? Stressful? We put together a list of = ideas for the mind and body to get you through these crazy days.  

Starting the day

Reality: Instead of a graceful awakening from your slumber you find yourself feeling like you didn’t even sleep. The first thing you do is go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast, snacks, lunch, and a mug of your favorite caffeine. It’s an alright way to start the morning, but we can do better.

Try this: Prepare at least one thing the night before. Whether it’s setting up your coffee machine to brew in the morning or assembling lunches, try and make your morning to-do list just a little shorter. 

Settling into work

Reality: There’s not enough “home office” space for everyone. Kids are on their Chromebooks in their rooms while you’re at your makeshift desk, so you can’t be sure if they are working or playing. Your workspaces are likely less than ideal,, but they work well enough. 

Try this: Set up “home offices” for everyone. Even if your kids are virtual learning just part-time, they deserve a space that’s all their own – and so do you! Even though everyone might not get their own desk and four walls around them, designate a spot that’s all their own. Decorate the walls with pictures of their friends and the family, motivational quotes, and make sure they have a comfy place to sit. Take the time to freshen up your own workspace by organizing your papers and supplies, cleaning your screens and keyboard, and adding a touch of decor. 

Stopping for a break

Reality: You power through the morning and break for lunch and a quick stretch, only to realize it’s 3 pm. You decide to just have another cup of coffee and wait for dinner. There’s no point in breaking from your work now, right?

Try this: Set alarms on your phone for every couple of hours to stretch your legs and rejuvenate. Make sure to actually remove yourself from the screen, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. If the kids are learning from home, have them take a break with you, too. Walk around the house, play some music and dance a little, walk the dog, do a quick yoga flow – whichever works best for you. 

And don’t forget to treat yourself for all of the hard work you’re doing day in and day out! Head to the pantry on your walk to grab your favorite organic candy for a snack. Treat the kids, too! YumEarth snack packs are perfect for a quick pick me up and for a quick grab-and-go option. Fruit snacks, gummy bears, and many more of our allergy friendly snacks are available in these convenient snack packs (easy and convenient – just shop online). 

Shutting down for the day

Reality: You immediately go from work-work to house-work. You might be cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast to start on dinner, or cleaning up the kids’ work and play spaces, or cleaning up after the pets. You’re always cleaning something, huh? 

Try this: Being SuperMom or SuperDad (because you are) doesn’t mean you have to carry the weight of the household on your shoulders. You can handle it and you’re amazing for it, but you don’t have to! Set up a chore chart, split the work, and reap the rewards. Reward the kids with an artificial dye free lollipop from the stash, reward yourself with one or two less chores to do yourself (and a lollipop, of course), and because the chores get done quicker, there’s more time for family time! After eating dinner together, go for a walk, work on a puzzle, play a game, cuddle up for a movie (with more snacks…), or all of the above! 

Most importantly, take it day by day. You don’t have to follow these ideas to a T, but let these ideas inspire small changes to your typical day-to-day to make it not only easier, but healthier and more enjoyable. A lot of us have gotten stuck in a routine that we know that we can improve, so let the start of the new school year and the change of the seasons inspire positive changes in your own life.