Peanut free classroom snacks and school lunch ideas for a fun-fueled day

Peanut free classroom snacks and school lunch ideas for a fun-fueled day

“Back to school” is pretty different this year; and while it isn’t the easiest situation, there are still plenty of sweet things to get excited about like back-to-school shopping including  new school supplies and cool new clothes appropriate for virtual and in-person class.  And of course…the F O O D. There’s nothing better than an A+ lunch box packed with all of your kids’ favorite goodies. 

Food is fuel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Starting with a quick breakfast to get the day started, and continuing the day with power-packed snacks (lots of ‘em, you can never have too many snacks!). Read on for some yummy bites to fuel your day.  

Breakfast ideas to kickstart your day

The most important meal of the day! You may not have the time to whip up an entire spread for a breakfast, especially one for your family’s allergy friendly needs, and oatmeal is probably getting old by now. These recipes will satisfy the entire family first thing in the morning and help with some allergy-friendly inspiration!

Step 1: Brew a cup of coffee. Done? Alright, let’s get cookin’. 

Simple, Vegan Banana Pancakes

Pancakes don’t have to involve sifting and mixing and all that work. These vegan banana pancakesrequire a mashed banana, your dairy free milk choice, sugar, vanilla, and voila! With the main ingredient of bananas, you can be sure that your kids will have enough energy to get through a morning of learning.

Allergy Friendly Breakfast Bars

If you’re having a long morning and need an extra boost, try this recipe. These gluten free granola bars take less than 15 minutes to prep and are perfect to toss in the kids’ backpacks and even your own purse or lunch box! Best of all, they are nut free, oil free, and vegan.

Allergy friendly snacks to keep you moving

Packing snacks that are allergy-friendly is super important, whether it’s for on-the-go, at home, or at school. We have to remain allergy-vigilant, for your own family needs and when in the classroom around other kids who might have allergies and other dietary restrictions. 

Even though the classroom might not be full-time this year, our kids still deserve the best allergy-friendly snacks that will power them through the day. So whether this snack time is a break from the class or a break from the computer screen, it should be filling and delicious. 

Bento Box Snack Pack

Bento boxes are our favorite, you know the type. Cute, reusable containers with enough room to fit a whole lotta goodies. Here are a few snackalicious treats to pack for a day of good eats. 

  • Fruits and veggies, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Mini sandwiches, customize with your favorite sandwich fixings
  • Organic fruit snacks, packaged in single servings for the perfectly portioned sweet treat
  • Allergy friendly trail mix, check out our Chocoholic Trail Mix for a sweeter version made with organic chocolate

Motivate learning and fun with our tasty treats

Are you trying to make learning a bit more fun? If there’s still homework to get done, use these after-class treats to motivate the kids and even help out with some assignments. Take candies like Giggles or gluten free licorice to count out math problems, place gummy bears throughout their reading to enjoy as they reach the end of a page, and even conduct some science experiments (How many licks to get to the stick of a lollipop? What’s the probability that the next fruit snack you pull out is strawberry flavored?). 

Everyone is facing new challenges this school year, so don’t be afraid to connect with your friends and family going through similar experiences and share ideas. At the very least, treat yourself when you can. You are doing your very best, and we believe in you!