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Crafty Father’s Day gift ideas for the sweetest guys

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” And for the most part, they are right. Just ask Mom, she knows. So if you’re still searching for the perfect presents for Dad this Father’s Day, forget about ties, socks or anything else that might be classified as “useful” and indulge him with a special treat.

Frankly, Dad has earned it. C’mon, he knows he plays second fiddle to Super Mom 364 days out of the year, but on this day, Father’s Day...he is truly king. So for all the goofy jokes, neutralized spider threats, little league cheers and tea party invites, show the guy who’s always there when you need him, just how much you love and appreciate his Dad-ness.

Personalized Father’s Day crafts are a great way to package some organic treats for the world’s greatest Dad. Check out these  DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that will indulge Dad’s sweet tooth and certainly melt his heart.

1) Father’s Day Pop Ties (Bow-tie Edition)

A new spin on an old favorite. Kids can cut out the bow-tie template and decorate it with a personalized message for Dad. Plus, upping the ante from last year’s tie, this newer, sweeter version has room for two organic lollipops. Pair Dad’s favorite flavors like pomegranate pucker, wet-faced watermelon, strawberry smash, hot chili and sour.

father's day bow tie craft template

2) Candy Portrait Mosaic

You could give Dad a cherished photo in a hand-decorated frame, but...variety is the spice (or sweet) of life. Here’s a fun way to turn any picture into an organic, gluten-free, allergen-free candy mosaic.

  1. Start with your favorite picture. Family portraits or one of the kids and Dad work great.
  2. Turn it into a mosaic. There are a bunch of different ways you can do this, but here’s a free website that uses lots of photos to create one awesome image.
  3. Print out and frame the image.
  4. Grab a bunch of Dad’s favorite YumEarth candies, the more colors the better.
  5. Match the candy colors to the different “mosaic tiles” in the photo and place them on the glass of the frame.
  6. Share with Dad and enjoy! 

3) World’s Greatest Pop Jar

Mom likes a vase filled with flowers, and Dad loves a jar filled with candy. But we’re not going to be so basic here. Let everyone know this is definitely Dad’s special candy jar.  

  1. Grab a plain glass jar. Mason jars are pretty easy to come by at craft stores. Even some local grocery stores will sell them. Find the right size for Dad.
  2. Create the perfect label. Whether hand-drawn or designed on the computer and printed, have a little fun with inscription. Here are a couple of examples: “World’s Greatest Pops” and “Dad’s Candy ’Stache” (with a moustache graphic).
  3. Get creative with additional photos or even add decorations to the lid.
  4. Fill with Dad’s favorite licorice, organic gummy bears, hard candies, sour twists and of course, organic lollipops.

4) Old Necktie Candy Pouch

Call it nostalgia or grandpa-chic, today’s Dad loves the resurgence of all things old. Harken back to his own father or even grandfather with this cool repurposed pouch that works perfect for holding all of his deliciously classic, organic hard candies. And maybe he’ll finally find a use for all of the old ties he never wears.

This one requires some sewing skill, so it’s a bit more of an advanced DIY project. You can find the instructions here.

5) Dad’s Candyman Toolbox

Here’s one for the Dad with handyman tendencies. Another sweet spot to keep and transport his treats. The Candyman Toolbox is easy to make and can be decorated anyway you like.

  1. The most important piece to this project is finding a red tin to match the iconic red toolbox.
  2. Buy a silver handle. Check out the cabinet hardware section of your local home store.
  3. Drill two holes in the lid of the tin to match the holes of the handle.
  4. Use two short bolts with nuts to attach the handle to the tin.
  5. Make sure Dad leaves the house prepared for any Candyman emergency.

Dad is always a good sport. He does what he does because he loves his family and wants them to be happy, and he doesn’t expect anything in return. So just imagine how touched he’ll be when you share a crafty homemade gift that shows just how much he means to you. And when it’s chock-full of his favorite candies and treats made with deliciously simple ingredients, he’s guaranteed to feel the love.