Simple and Sweet Back-to-School Snack Ideas-YumEarth

Simple and sweet back-to-school snack ideas

The new school year is upon us, and as every parent can attest, you could do without another item on your already mile-long to do list…. are we right, or what?

Nevertheless, the busiest (and oddly happiest) time of the year is here, and that means it’s time to dust off the brown bags or bento boxes and get back into the swing of the lunch-packing groove. Making sure the kids have a delicious and nutritious lunch to help them stay excited, alert and energized throughout the second half of the school day, is as important as sending them off with all the right school supplies.

We all want our kids to have the very best school experience and lunch time is part of that. But that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard every single day to dazzle and out-lunch all the other parents. There are small things you can do to step up your packed-lunch game.

Keep reading to see how YumEarth organic treats can jazz up your back-to-school snacks and crush the cafeteria blues.

A Bushel of Fruity Fun

Packing lunch is first and foremost about nutrition — making sure the kids are fueling their bodies appropriately for a productive day of class. Once you’ve covered the basics, there’s always room for some smile-inducing treats to lift their spirits. YumEarth organic fruit snacks are made with organic ingredients, and we leave out stuff like artificial dyes, gluten, dairy and nuts. So, all the other good choices you made, won’t go to waste.

Think Outside the Brown Bag

So many of us find something that works and stick with it. Sandwich, fruit, chips, repeat. But let’s be honest, we wouldn’t want to eat the same stuff every day and neither do our kids. Bento boxes and insulated food jars are game changers when it comes to inspiring new school lunch ideas. Switch up the container and the possibilities are endless.

Insulated jars are great for bringing hot foods so you don’t have to go for the usual salad and sandwich, you can opt for something like a hearty soup. Now you don’t have to be the only one eating leftovers. Bento boxes come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Each compartment is like a fun surprise you can fill with fruit, veggies or whatever. And they’re a good way to help with portion control. This one has a spot for the perfect amount of YumEarth gluten-free gummy bears.

Allergy-Friendly Snacks

Feeding kids can be a daily challenge for some, especially if food allergies or special dietary needs are part of the equation. It’s great that most schools have finally caught up with parents’ desires for allergy-friendly lunch tables and nut-free classrooms. But sometimes, kids just want to be like their friends and unpack the same delicious treats everyone else gets so excited about.

That’s why YumEarth makes all of our delicious candies and snacks gluten, nut and dairy free, without artificial dyes and using organic ingredients. So everyone can feel good about the same bursts of lollipop deliciousness or delectably chewy gluten free licorice bites — even parents.

Afternoon Snack Attack

Lunch isn’t the only time for snacks at school. In the younger grades, many classes have an afternoon snack time, especially if lunch is earlier in the day. It gives little ones a break and a boost to finish the day strong. If your child participates in after school programs or activities, then stocking their lunch bag with additional snacks may also be necessary. Some days we all could use a little bit of sweet (or sour) to get us over the afternoon slump — may as well do it with fruity, delicious fanfare.

Like we said before, YumEarth is all about making back-to-school snacks (and your lunch-packing duties) as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Many of our yummy treats are individually packaged to drop in and go, so you and the kids can take a big bite out of those bustling school days. Welcome back, everyone!