Leprechaun Visit Ideas!

Leprechaun Visit Ideas!

Will the leprechaun visit this year? Here are some fun ways to add some magic and sweetness to your St. Paddy's Day celebrations!

First, it's all about the rainbow and green candies! Stock up on our delicious Giggles® and mint choco yums™ to help bring all of these ideas to life! 

Green Candy Trail: Create a trail of green candies. Our mint choco yums™ are perfect for this! The candy can lead toward the door or window to a little pot of gold (filled with a rainbow Giggles® of course!)

Candy Cauldron Surprise: Place a cauldron filled with rainbow Giggles® candies in a conspicuous spot with a sign saying, "Leprechaun's Treats - Take One!" Really any delicious candy will do!

Leprechaun’s Candy Stash: Hide small bags of rainbow Giggles® candies around the house with little notes from the leprechaun thanking the kids for letting him visit.

Rainbow Candy Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt where the kids have to find various rainbow Giggles® candies hidden throughout the house or yard. Each candy found could lead to the next one.

Rainbow Candy Message: Spell out a message or create a picture using rainbow Giggles® candies on a table or countertop, signaling the leprechaun's arrival.

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