Discover YumEarth Candy

Discover YumEarth Candy

Welcome! We are so happy you decided to check us out. We make traditional candy – even better! Whether you're a parent seeking allergy-friendly options for your kids or an individual on the hunt for treats you can feel good about, YumEarth has got you covered.

Allergy-Conscious & Artificial Dye Free Treats: First things first, all YumEarth candies are meticulously crafted to be free from the top 9 allergens, ensuring a worry-free indulgence for everyone. Additionally, we say a firm 'no' to artificial dyes, embracing ingredients such as turmeric and radishes for colors and flavors that are even more authentic.

A Classic Twist on Traditional Favorites: Our range of products is a delightful spin on the candies we all grew up loving. From fruity gummy bears and juicy lollipops to chewy fruit snacks, each piece is a nostalgic nod to classic favorites, but with a modern twist.

Unparalleled Taste:  But don’t just take our word for it… see what our fans have to say:

Giggles Fan: "I was a hardcore skittles lover for most of my life. The first time I tried these, I knew I would never prefer skittles again. These are so much tastier and more satisfying." - Maricella

Choco Yums Fan: "I’ve been on the hunt for an M&M replacement that’s safe for my daughter’s allergies and these are the answer! They taste just as good as and the M&M brand and are way tastier than the only other brand I’ve found that is safe for her." - Shannon

I can finally have licorice again and it tastes amazing!”

Seasonal Treats for Every Occasion: Our recently launched Valentine's Day collection is a testament to our commitment to celebrating every season with an allergy-friendly, organic and no artificial dye options. Look out for these special treats that add a dash of love and care to your celebrations.

Always crafting new treats and celebrating favorites: New to our everyday collection…. Jelly Beans!  A mix of juicy fruity flavors! And not sure where to start? Try our Favorites Variety Box.

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YumEarth is more than just a brand; it's a lifestyle choice! Everyone can join our community and indulge in the sweet life, the YumEarth way!