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Better-for-you Halloween trends

Halloween is just the beginning of a long holiday season of indulgence– sweets, feasts and traveling. It’s easy to overindulge on all of the goodies that surround us at parties, school, the grocery store, and trick-or-treating (of course!). And unfortunately, “goodies” don’t get their name from how good they are for you, so instead, follow these better for you trends this Halloween!

Choosing organic, gluten free & allergy friendly snacks.Whether it’s the treats for your trick-or-treaters or snacks for your child’s class, choosing organic and gluten free snacks is a trend to follow this season. You never know what food restrictions someone might have, and they could accidentally ingest something that’s dangerous to their health. You also do not want to single out people who have these food restrictions, so choosing allergy-friendly snacks is always the easiest, sweetest way to go. Luckily, there are many treats, from cookies to candies, that are organic, allergy friendly, and gluten free, and so delicious that you don’t even know what’s missing. 

Enjoy Halloween activities. Halloween isn’t just the last day of the month. Celebrate the holiday for all of October by going to haunted houses, pumpkin picking, carving jack-o-lanterns, and even going to Fall festivals for hayrides, apple cider, and corn mazes! You don’t have to limit Halloween to just one night of  trick-or-treating. Enjoy these activities with the entire family and make traditions and memories that will last for years of Halloweens to come. 

Choose better for you Halloween treats. Believe it or not… There are a ton of different Halloween treats to enjoy. Opt for Halloween-shaped pretzels or fruit snacks flavored and colored with real fruit juice for all of the tasty Halloween goodies. You can even cut the edible treats out completely and go for fun, Halloween-themed toys, such as spider rings or slime. But if you sneak some chewy candy… we won’t tell. 

Make Halloween crafts. A fun Halloween activity is decorating your home for the holiday, but an even more fun activity is making the decorations yourself! Get the kids together to make jack-o-lantern jars, hand-shaped paper witches, or egg carton bats. Find a Halloween craft that the whole family will enjoy, and then use them to make your house into a haunted one.

Run! No, you’re not running away from a creepy haunted house or eerie ghosts! Sign up for a local charity 5K walk/run. A lot of 5Ks in October are Halloween-themed, and allow participants to wear costumes for the event. Most of them also benefit great causes, so this is a Halloween trend that is better for everyone. Check out your local papers and bulletins, or websites like and to find a Halloween fun run for adults, kids, or the whole family near you.

Don’t forget the Vitamin C. If you do decide to treat your sweet tooth to some Halloween candy, don’t forget the vitamin C. There are a lot of goodies, such as lollipops and hard candy drops, that are packed with vitamin C and are gluten free and vegan as well. It’s a delicious way to get a little vitamin boost while still enjoying your treats.

Binge-watch the best Halloween movies.You can catch family-friendly films on Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween. It begins on October 1st and runs until Halloween night, so you get a whole month of great movies that are funny, and maybe even a little scary. From Monsters University to The Addams Family to Hocus Pocus, you’re bound to find something everyone will enjoy for a fun night in.

We hope these Halloween trends help you sift through all of the choices this Halloween and allow you to have a safe, enjoyable, and overall better-for-you Halloween!