Allergy-Friendly Treats for Your Halloween Party Tricks-YumEarth

Halloween activities and organic candy corn crafts for kids and families

Now that everyone is firmly settled into their back-to-school routines, and the fall air sends chills down your spine, it’s time to welcome the season of eating great food. And what better way to start it off than by stuffing your face with candy and treats…it’s Halloween! Some may not consider the night of creepy costumes and copious amounts of candy a real holiday, but we challenge you to find one kid who hasn’t been counting down the days since October 1st. We’re also guessing you’ve probably discussed at least five to six different costume ideas already.

The costume decision is always a big one. But, even more important than costumes, is the candy. What kind of treats are you going to give out and what kind of haul will the kids bring in at the end of the night? If only we could get our little monsters to give the same amount of focus and attention on keeping their rooms clean.

The treat thing can get a bit out of hand, and if your kids have allergies or certain food sensitivities, the whole night can turn into a nightmare of struggle. Luckily, YumEarth has an entire haunted house full of organic and allergy-friendly Halloween treats, everyone can enjoy.

Keeping Mummies and Ghouls Happy

Nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free doesn’t have to mean fun-free on one of the most exciting nights on kids’ calendars. The best way to manage any unchecked candy carnage, is to throw your own Halloween party. Get together with some other families to organize a night of organic, allergy-friendly family fun. We’ve come up with five terrifyingly tasty trick and treat combos to get your creative creature juices flowing.   

Trick 1: Candy Corn Ring Toss

If it’s Halloween, you know what time it is...candy corn season. This party game honors the perennial favorite Halloween treat. Spray paint a few small plastic cones to look like candy corn. Set them up in a line or a square formation and give the kids glow-in-the-dark necklaces to toss. Check it out here.

Treat: Organic Candy Corn*

YumEarth Organic Candy Corn offers a boo-shel of scrumptiously spooky fun that’s gluten and nut free. A classic favorite that delights kids and parents alike. 

Trick 2: Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

Scare some new life into an old favorite. Start with eight small rocks for each game station. Paint four of them one color and the other four a different color. You can even decorate them to look like Frankenstein or Jack-O-Lanterns, too. Use some orange or black tape to create the grid, and poof! A scary simple game the kids will love. 

Treat: Organic Lollipops

Set up your tournament however you like, but just be sure to come through with the candy. A classic game deserves a classic Halloween treat. The YumEarth organic lollipops conjure up terrifying flavor from simple organic ingredients in Strawberry Smash, Very Very Cherry, Mango Tango and Wet Face Watermelon.

Trick 3: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Looking for an alternative to door-to-door trick-or-treating? Gather your party and send them off on a scare-filled scavenger hunt. You can get your neighbors involved, hide things around your own house and yard. And if you’re entertaining teenagers, send them out to snap photos of all the spooky things on the list. Here are a few tips for pulling off an eerily epic hunt. 

Treat: Gummy Graveyard Cupcakes

A big activity calls for an equally big treat. Reward your champion ghoul hunters with the ultimate gummy prize. Start with your favorite cupcake recipe, we suggest chocolate, and frost the cupcakes. Then add cookie crumble for dirt. Add YumEarth Gummy Worms and finish with a graham cracker tombstone. Check out our inspiration.

Trick 4: Bobbing for Apples

Make Count Dracula proud with a good old-fashioned bobbing for apples contest. All you need is a large enough bucket or container, a bunch of apples and some water. It’s funny how something so simple can be so endlessly fun.   

Treat: Organic Gummy Fruits

Let the kids keep the apples of course, but don’t forget a more treat-worthy prize, or you might get tricked yourself. Reward the contestants’ fang-tastic apple snagging feats with some delicious vampire-inspired gummy fruit. Our Organic Gummy Fruits get all dressed up in bat and fang shapes for Halloween.

Trick 5: Mummy Bowling

Dress up plastic bowling pins to look like monstrous mummies and reward the kids who knock down all the petrifying pins. Just wrap the pins in toilet paper, add some googly eyes, and you’re ready to roll.   

Treat: Organic Sour Twists

This monster mash deserves something different. Satisfy a different kind of sweet craving by rewarding each player who scores a strike with a snack pack of allergy-friendly YumEarth Organic Sour Twists. Pucker up!

Who wouldn’t love these outrageously delicious organic treats and scary fun tricks? And hey, who says you have to throw a huge Halloween party? The key to rocking this kid-focused holiday is to get in the spirit and have some fun. 

So instead of just handing out candy to every little goblin that rings your doorbell...pick one of these activities and make them earn it. Cue the evil laugh...MWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Happy Halloween!

*YumEarth Organic Candy Corn contains eggs.