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Food Allergies FAQs

Food Allergies FAQs

In honor of Allergy Awareness Month, we’re sharing some food allergy FAQs. We hope you find the information below helpful. What exactly is a food allergy? A food allergy is...
Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe

By Heather Englund of Fit Mama Real Food We’re taking YumEarth assorted flavor gummy bears, which are absolutely delicious on their own, and making them extra special with homemade chocolate....
Allergy Friendly Yogurt Bark Recipe

Allergy Friendly Yogurt Bark Recipe

Ingredients: 1-2 large containers of dairy-free vanilla yogurt (Depending on how much you want to make) Your favorite YumEarth candy of choice Instructions: Line a cookie sheet with cooking parchment...

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