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Valentine's Day Snack Board for Kids

Written by Linh, Creative Director at A Beautiful RAWR
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Valentine's Day may not be until the 14th, but who says you can't celebrate all month long? In our house, we go all out. It's a little tradition we've been doing this since Matea was born and the girls have such a blast with it. Aside from all the fun projects we get to do (and there are plenty), it's also a wonderful opportunity to teach my girls all the ways they can help spread joy and love through small acts of kindness.

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Since today is the first day of February, I'm starting it on a very positive, tasty, and sweet note for the girls. While they were at school, I whipped up this super cute Valentine's Day-themed snack board with all of their favorite bites including yummy treats from YumEarth. Here are a few tips I always keep in mind when creating these Valentine's Day snack board for kids:

  • Presentation Is Everything: Kids love anything aesthetically pleasing, so get creative! Use cookie cutters to make heart shaped sandwiches, add cute toothpicks to cheese cubes, or put snacks in a Valentine's Day-themed bowl.
  • Bite Size, Please: A sandwich is just a sandwich, but make it mini-size and I'm telling ya: Those kids are going to devour them right up! It's a mind trick, but it works. Ha!
  • Fill Their Bellies With Nutritious Options: A snack board can quickly go south if you aren't careful. I like to fill mine with fresh veggies, fruits, organic options, and simple ingredients. Chances are, if I can't pronounce it on the label, it's not going on the board.
  • Have a Good Mix: Include a good mix of savory options + sweeter ones. I also try to have a good mix of carbs, proteins, and veggie options for the kids to nibble at. That way, they stay full longer.
  • Include a Treat: Ah, this is my favorite (and probably theirs, too)! I usually don't add candy to their snack boards, but YumEarth organic candy is the exception to the rule. 
children playing and enjoying organic candy by yumearth


When it comes to snacks for my kids, you guys know I'm pretty picky about what I feed them, which is why I love YumEarth so much. Their products are made with simple, organic ingredients free from the top 8 allergens including gluten, nuts (peanut and tree nuts), dairy, fish, shellfish, soy, and egg. Plus, all of their treats contain ZERO high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes or GMOs. All the YumEarth sweets we’ve tried taste just as great (honestly, better) than the other guys. I feel good knowing my girls can enjoy all the goodness without the junk!

children assembling organic candy snack board


I used YumEarth Valentine's Day Organic Gummy Bears for the board and grabbed a bag of their YumEarth Organic Valentine's Day Lollipops so the girls could make sweet homemade Valentine’s Day cards for their friends at school. They practically inhaled the heart-shaped organic Gummy Fruits! Luckily, the bag includes 10 snack packs to enjoy. The other assortment bag comes with 40 lollipops in 5 flavors. Strawberry Smash is my fave, but they’re all delicious. They fit so much flavor into such a little pop! And all flavors come from simple ingredients and real fruit juice. With Valentine's Day coming up, I know they'll be getting a ton of candy from their classroom parties, so why not make this a healthier option for them? It's a win for everyone.

children enjoying yumearth organic gummy candy

Right now YumEarth is giving away 10 candygram kits to make this year’s Valentine’s Day even sweeter. Don’t miss your chance to enter on YumEarth’s Instagram! It was so great to surprise my girls with this Valentine’s Day snack board and watch their faces light up! Be sure to check out ALL the candy options YumEarth has available - there's a ton including hard and chewy candy, chocolate, sour candy, licorice, gummy bears, jelly beans, and so much more! You can shop online or find them at your nearest store now.

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