Get Ready for National Candy Month with the Organic Lollipops that Started It All-YumEarth

Celebrate National Candy Month With the Best Organic Lollipops That Started it All

Full Name: Organic Lollipop

Nicknames: “The OG” (Original ’Ganic) and “Big Poppa”

Lolli Props: Our first candy creation and still one of the most popular. Broke new ground and flipped the candy industry on its head, coming straight outta the wrapper with real, simple organic ingredients and crowd-pleasing, mad fruity fun. Never one to play it safe, Big “Pop”pa continues to push the boundaries of snack time, with an amazing variety of flavors. Much respect to hot chili mango and exciting seasonal fun flavor – candy cane pops.

Biggest Hits: “My Name Is...Organic” and “Allergy-Friendly for Life” 

Never Have, Never Will: Artificial dyes or flavors, dairy, nuts, gluten, GMOs and wannabe organic suckers  

The Flavor Squad: Pomegranate Pucker, Wet-Face Watermelon, Strawberry Smash, Googly Grape, Very Very Cherry, Perfectly Peach, Razzmatazz Berry, Mango Tango, Hot Chili Mango, the Sours, and seasonal Candy Cane. 

Favorite Place to Play: Anytime and everywhere 

Sticking with the Best Lollipops Ever

The story of YumEarth Organic Lollipops goes all the way back to the beginning — starting with a sweet idea created by two families in search of a better way to make delicious candy treats. Through some experimenting, a lot of hard work, and delicious taste-testing, the fantastically fruity organic suckers we all love arrived on the snack scene. That was 2007, and the breakthrough launched YumEarth. 

Now, here we are 13 years later, and the original lollipops are still going strong. Woke snackers ask, “Are lollipops gluten free?” Heck yeah, these are! And if you’re looking for a go-to treat that’s also vegan and allergy-friendly, you won’t find anything sweeter.

Shout Out to the King of Candies

Deliciously cravable, It doesn't get any tastier! Individually wrapped, this treat superstar is made for the road. In a lunchbox, a work bag, back pocket or even a glovebox, this classic favorite is always ready to rock taste buds of all ages. 

We’ve got more flavors than a PTA bake sale has cookies. So there’s a sweet little something for everyone in the family. If you’re big on taste and even bigger on smiles – meet the king of all candies, YumEarth organic pops. 

Tasty Skills to Pay the Snacky Bills

YumEarth Organic Lollipops have been a snack time favorite for years. But there’s more to these delicious little suckers than simple sweetness. Their goodness can go a long way:

School-Friendly Party Favors 

More and more schools across the country are tightening their rules around in-school treats to address the concerns around food allergies. And rightfully so. Our organic lollipops are free of the 8 top allergens (peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, eggs, fish, milk, soy and shellfish), so parents and teachers can feel good about sharing these sweets at any class celebration. 

Source of Vitamin C

V to the C, for kids and adults who find themselves running short on the essential immunity-booster, YumEarth Vitamin C Lollipops are a great source of fun and delicious way to incorporate an extra punch of goodness. Gotta love a sweet treat with a higher purpose.

Mom’s Go-To Reward System 

Getting the kids to do what they’re supposed to isn’t an exact science. As every parent knows, sometimes it requires a little harmless bribery...uh, positive reinforcement. Haircuts, potty training, long car rides, you name it. You can always feel good about giving these organic, allergy-friendly rewards to your little ones. Deliciously tantrum-free.  

Organic Lollipop Ingredients 

These organic suckers pack more allergy-friendly and dye-free goodness into each lick with real, simple organic ingredients and natural flavors. From Wet-face Watermelon and Googly Grape to Sour Strawberry Smash, Hot Chili Mango and seasonal minty-goodness; each one delivers superfly fruitiness and punchy flavors without GMOs or High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Our organic lollipop ingredients remain simple, with real fruit colors and flavors. Discover the short, but tasty, list of ingredients

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