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Best Road Trip Snacks & Treats

Written by Linh, Creative Director at A Beautiful RAWR
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Guess what? We’re hitting the road for Spring Break and the girls just found out! As you can imagine, the level of excitement went from 0 to 100 really quick in our house. There were periods of squealing and jumping followed by lots of hugging, thank you’s, and questions. Oh boy - so many questions. I wasn’t prepared for that part.

Needless to say, we’re stoked especially since it’s been a couple years since our last Spring Break trip. What’s better – we’ll be celebrating Marli’s 8th birthday, too! Talk about an awesome birthday present, right? To prepare for a fun and stress-free ride, I’m partnering up with YumEarth to share some must-have road trip snacks & tips to keep those bellies happy and full. Stock up on your road trip AND get 15% off on YumEarth.com with promo code SWEETS15. Okay, let’s dive in! 

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For longer trips, create personalized boxes for each kid with these great compartment boxes. They’re super sturdy, good for the environment, and keep everything fresh. Just add their favorite bites and store them in a cooler until they’re ready to be consumed. Such an easy way to grab and go! 

linh with linh with yumearth organic candy and lunch snack board

Make sure to have more than enough snacks in each
box. More is always better.

Prepackaged individual snack packs are a great, convenient option - like these YumEarth Gummy Bears and YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks. I like that they’re made with simple, organic ingredients minus the high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, and GMOs. They are so tasty and guilt-free. Make sure to pack extras because they are seriously addictive (in the best way, of course). 

girl in car with lunch snack board

Mom Tip: Freeze yogurt packs and drinks beforehand so they’ll be perfectly thawed and cold for the trip. Plus, they’ll keep your other items cool too. I filled the 2 larger sections with a drink, yogurt pack, and mini pinwheels to nibble on. The smaller sections held a mix of sweet and savory bites. Love how well it worked out! 


I love including a mix of salty bites and sweet treats for the family to choose from. If you have time, make a fun snack mix for the kids to pick and choose from. I sprinkled in a few of the Organic Chocolate Roll n’ Stones candy with their organic honey graham crackers and the girls went nuts for them. If you guys haven’t tried this candy yet, it really does rock! This dairy-free chocolate candy comes in a 1.25 oz box or a bag of 5 snack packs.

yumearth roll'n stones and lunch snack board


linh with yumearth roll'n stones, fruit snacks, and lunch snack board


There’s nothing worse than consuming empty calories, sugar crashes, and junk food bloat especially when you’re stuck in a car for hours on end. That’s why picking wholesome, healthy snack options is the smartest way to go. Here are a few ideas:

THE MAIN COURSE: Even if you ate before you left the house, chances are kids will be hungry again right away. For this reason, I love packing mini-size sandwiches, wraps, and pinwheels for the kids to munch on. Whether it's a PBJ sandwich or ham and cheese pinwheel, this hearty entree will keep them full longer. And, because it's homemade, it'll be way healthier than any fast-food joint.

DRINKS: Instead of pumping your kids full of sugar-filled juice, opt for better options like coconut water, sparkling water, infused water, or milk. Another great option is a healthy smoothie.

FRESH FOOD, PLEASE: One of the things I love packing on road trips is fresh fruit! Not only does it keep us hydrated, but it's a fantastic way to indulge our sweet tooth. Have you ever tried frozen blueberries or frozen grapes? So good!

THE SWEET STUFF: A sweet treat is a must, and I like to choose YumEarth because they don’t use all of that artificial stuff. It's so tempting to raid the candy aisle at the convenient store, but not anymore! YumEarth has something for everyone. It’s guilt-free candy and I always feel good treating myself and my family to any of their allergy-friendly treats. In addition to being organic and free from artificial dyes, their products do not include the top 8 allergens including gluten, nuts (peanut and tree nuts), dairy, fish, shellfish, soy, and egg.

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading my must-have healthy road trip snacks and tips. Let me know if you're heading anywhere fun with the family this Spring Break or in the coming months. Be sure to check out my previous YumEarth posts
HERE and HERE. Stock up on YumEarth organic candy treats online with code SWEETS15 for 15% off, or find them at your nearest store now.

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