allergy friendly gingerbread house

Tips for an awesome DIY allergy-friendly gingerbread house!

2020 is unofficially the year of crafts, our Pinterest boards have never seen so much attention! As we enter the holiday season, and look for family friendly activities, crafts continue to play an important role! One of our favorite holiday crafts is the traditional gingerbread house. Use it for delicious decor, a centerpiece, a fun addition to the countertop decorations, and of course, a tasty snack!

Everybody in the family can have a part in constructing, decorating (and nibbling on) the gingerbread house. Unfortunately, many families have to forgo this tradition, or at least pass on snacking on the extra pieces because store-bought gingerbread house kits typically include egg, soy, milk, and other common allergens found in baked goods.

This is why we teamed up with Spokin, A&J Bakery, @Allergylicious, @drizzlekitchen and @the_avantgartist to provide allergy-friendly gingerbread house kits and decorating ideas and tips to 25 lucky winners! A&J Bakery’s gingerbread and frosting are free of the top 9 food allergens, and the kit also included your favorite allergy-friendly candy from YumEarth.

    Gingerbread house decoration tips

    What’s the best way to use YumEarth candy to decorate your gingerbread house? Here are some of our suggestions to help you get started, but the best part of gingerbread houses is letting your imagination run wild. Have your kids imagine it’s an elf’s house, decorate your dream home, the options are endless!

    Organic Candy Canes: Line the perimeter of your gingerbread estate with these lollipops, or use them to line the front door or even borders for doors and windows

    Candy Cane Drops: These circular hard candy treats can create the illusion of windows around the house

    Holiday Gummy Fruits: Set these gummy fruits and balls out in your gingerbread home’s yard.

    Giggles: Line your roof with colorful Giggles to make a string of holiday lights, or even use as doorknobs or wreaths (the green and red ones!)

    Roll’n Stones: Use these bite-sized vegan chocolate pieces to decorate your roof - don’t forget to add snow with your icing or even for stone walls or cobble stone pathways – don’t forget a chimney!

    Gluten Free Licorice: Cut up pieces of licorice to make up the bricks on the chimney.

    Having trouble keeping the sides of your house together? We recommend PATIENCE! When gluing the cookies together with your icing, firmly hold the pieces together for a couple of minutes before letting them go. We know it’s exciting to jump right to decorating but spending a little more time to get the base right will make for a sturdier gingerbread house.

    Want to craft your own allergy-friendly gingerbread house? You can order from A&J Bakery online and get your candy decorations from our Sweet Shop.